Friday, February 3, 2012


This weekend is going to be epic; I can feel it.
Today I am going to my friend Hilary's, the writer of Young and Naïve.
We are doing a "Blogger Friday" afternoon with recipes, outfits and more! 
So be prepared for some exiting posts coming up on Monday! 
I would post sooner, but...
Last minute (as in late last night) Javi and I decided to make a road trip down to
 Ohio University in Athens to visit his friends, 
and I could not be more excited. 
OU is in the middle of no where, but the campus is beautiful and it is the definition of a college town. 
So be ready for lots of pictures from the trip too!

So for today, here are a few tidbits of my favorite little things as of late.

Gold chains & stripes
Bracelet: Forever 21, Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Blush & Gold, my new favorite combo
Mirage Necklace from Juliet & Company
It's time for a home "spa" session - Nexxus hair conditioning treatment and a facial with cucumber 
My silk scarf that I got while I was in China in 2005... I'm still in love with it
Bright, fun tennis shoes and a little fashion segment
Tennis Shoes: Coach
My kidden thinks he is really tough...
look at that smoldering stare


  1. LOVE THIS THINGS! and the pics, are gorgeous!! I spent about half an hour seeing all your posts and photos, im a fan :D love the smokey eye pics tutorial!

    xoxo, Melissa
    twitter: @melissaosblog

  2. I love that bracelet. It's so beautiful. A few of my friends went to OU. It's totally in the middle of nowhere. Hope you had fun with your blogger friend and making things!

    I'm assuming you're somewhere in this area? You really need to join us for one of our blogger meet ups!


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