Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This time the bipolar weather of Ohio really paid off; it was in the 60's yesterday! 
My friend Lisa and I decided we wanted to do something outdoors so we could enjoy the beautiful weather. So after class we decided we were going to be adventurous and make the hour long drive up to Lake Erie to the Headlands Beach State Park. This was my first time going - and I loved it! I've been longing for a beach - and Lake Erie is so big you can't see the other side, so for now it is just going to have to do as my "ocean!"
And so, for the afternoon, I pretended I was off on a beach,
 far, far away from real life,
listening to the "ocean" waves with my bestie. 

Car ride snapshot wearing my favorite new Forever 21 sunnies :)

Liis doing her cartwheel!
The beach, a beer and a magazine - so relaxing
Me, galavanting on the beach, being my normal silly self
Blouse: Express, Pleather Leggings: Express

One for my Javi :)

My boots from Journeys 

And just to share with everyone - I have become obsessed with this song, it's great.
You should listen to it!


  1. Me too! I'm obsessed with that song and jealous you got to go to the beach.

  2. The headlands are beautiful! I've gone down there to take photos a couple times. I've always had tons of fun. It was INSANELY beautiful yesterday. Too bad I spent the day in class, but walking two and from I got to enjoy the weather.

  3. love your blog! I wish I could go to the beach right now, it's so cold where I am!


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