Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sock Bun Tutorial

So lately my mornings have consisted of a whole lot of this...

therefore - a lot of this too... yum

In the morning when I have to get out of bed after snoozing the alarm a good five or six times, I am always scheming of ways I could cut some time getting ready so I can stay in bed longer. A few days ago, I found my new best friend - the sock bun. My hair is pretty short, it is about two inches below my shoulders, so the messy bun looks like a little baby bun - very poorly executed. The sock bun however, gives the illusion that I have a copious amount of thick, luscious hair and it is so neatly formed at the top of my head, it had to take hours. Wrong. It takes not even 3 minutes. 

Here is how I do my sock bun:

Start off with a hair tie, and an old (clean) sock; cut off the toes
Roll the sock up so it starts forming a donut  
You now have your sock donut - the most crucial part to your sock bun
Put your hair in a high pony tail - or wherever you would like your sock bun
Put your donut around your pony tail
Start wrapping your ends around the sock bun - just once to get them in place
And start rolling the sock bun down - so the hair wraps around it every time you roll it
Hello sock bun :)


  1. This is pure awesomeness. And I may do a tutorial for this too because my friend at work literally just taught me this!!!

    1. I'm obsessed with doing my hair like this - its so easy! Its like a miracle! haha we should get together soon and have our own little blogging conference... you're like the blogging master over here and I miss you. I'm going to text you :)


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