Monday, January 16, 2012


   I wanted to share this great new program that I found. Currently I am only using a basic photo editor that came with my Mac, so I don't have many options for doing the fancy stuff. However, this program I found called Hugin is a great photo stitcher for creating panoramas. This is a series of 3 pictures I stitched together of the view from Bellview Park in the Clifton area, near the University of Cincinnati. This is a downtown view and the hills in the background are Kentucky. The photo editor, I have to admit, is a bit confusing, but with such good results I am definitely going to use it again. And for those who don't have photoshop or stitching software, this is a great option! Just thought I would share!

P.S. Unfortunately I had to make it smaller to upload on here... but you still get the picture. :)

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