Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Babies

    Today was not my day. Here's a story. I'm stressed with school; I lost the back page to one of my syllabi and my professor has yet to email me back after multiple emails. I had that class today and even though I was feeling blue and wanted more than anything to just curl up in my bed, I sucked it up and began my journey to class. It was a rough one; it took me 45 minutes to get there in traffic and I was ready to get my syllabus. As I approached my classroom door, I see the inside is all black with a note on the side that reads: "Class cancelled, keep up with the syllabus, see you Monday!" Ugh, right? And by that time, it was the thick of rush hour so I had to wait around the area for a bit... then a wonderful thought came to my mind. DSW is right across the street. So, as you can see, I bought these shoes, and it's amazing how much better they made me feel. I can't wait to wear them and put them together with a cute outfit! I am in love with them; they are cute, comfortable, stylish and versatile. Well worth the fat cash I dropped for these babies!

What do you like to do to cheer yourself up?

Booties: Steve Madden

And of course, a picture of my kidden

Mr. President in his Kitten Kube aka "Oval Office" 

On days like today
I love to just relax and listen to this song. It is so beautiful; classical music evokes emotion in a way no other music can.

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