Friday, November 11, 2011

Kidden Dress Up

     So I am going to admit right now that I have turned into a crazy cat person, and my poor kidden has to deal with it. I bought him some ridiculously inexpensive cat sweaters tonight at work, and even though he hates them... he just looks so cute. And even though this is the farthest thing from high fashion... or even good fashion (the tag says "ugly pet sweaters")... I just had to share how adorable/cute/funny he looks. Unfortunately the pictures don't look the best because it was hard to get him to stay still, but here's my kidden :)

PS. Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post! I had a long day at work and it brought such a smile to my face to see your comments :)
Kidden wearing the ring I got Javier for our anniversary
T-shirt that says "Naughty but Nice"... he's ready for Christmas
My favorite... doesn't he look like such a little man?


  1. awww he's so cute. I guess that's a cat and dog thing, not liking to wear cloths lol

  2. Wow I like your cat and clothing!!!
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  3. Awww! He is soo cute! I love the little outfit!

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  4. do not find you among my followers...?

  5. Thank you lovely!!
    I follow you for Bloglovin too!

  6. aww adorable! who cares if they call you "cat lady", you've got holiday spirit!!

    glitteringly and positively,

  7. so lovely :) cute!

  8. How cute is this cat! I love the little holiday sweater :) If I had a pet, I'd dress it up all the time!

  9. Oh my goodness I think I'm about to blow! Your cat is ADORABLE!! I have a cat too. He's 10 years old and almost entirely black. Great to see other animal lovers out there.


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