Friday, November 25, 2011

Give Thanks

  Yesterday was Thanksgiving - one of my favorite holidays. My parents are both one of 8 children, so I have a huge family, and everyone on my dad's side always comes to my parent's house to celebrate together. It's a great tradition and I love enjoying an insanely delicious meal with my whole family. Sadly, this year we had a smaller crowd (about 25 people) but it was still just as fun! It was also my little mommy's birthday (I call her my little mommy because I am much taller than her) so it was really great to have all of the family there to give thanks McGough style and celebrate my wonderful mother :)
    I'm so glad to finally be back, I had to take a bit of a break from my fun things to get some business done, but I am back! And I took a 3 day trip to Cincinnati to visit Javier's family, where I took a multitude of pictures that will be posted in small bits over the next few days :) I would've posted earlier but I worked all day today for Black Friday! Scary! People scared me and made me think it would be AWFUL, but it really was not too bad after all the crazy middle of the night shoppers left. It was just busy!
Did anyone have any good Black Friday experiences? Bad ones? Any deals? :)

My parents, who just celebrated their 28th anniversary a few days before :)
My Blue Crowned Conure, Buddy, who I have had since I was 9 
Keira, my best friend puppy friend - such a cuddle puppy... she stands up like this
so I will cuddle with her and kiss her face... spoiled for sure
Cousin Erin, playing piano
Love this painting
Dad carving the massive turkey
The spread of food minus the giant bowl of mashed potatoes 
My wine glass charm - a cat, in remembrance of Mr. President, who is spending Thanksgiving Break
 in Cincinnati with Javier ... I've missed the little guy
Tower of pie, with the card everyone secretly signed for my mom


  1. Hello!!

    I loved your pictures, It seems a great day!

    Kisses.. I will come back!!

  2. Your pictures are awesome!
    I wish my family was humungous.
    But nope, its just the four of us!
    Heart you and your blog pretty lady!


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