Tuesday, November 8, 2011



    Last night Javi and I embarked on a Mexican cuisine experience to reward ourselves after some studying (it was more my decision, as I desperately needed a margarita). We went to Guacamole's, a little mexican restaurant in Kent, right down the road from us. As with just about every mexican restaurant in America, it is not authentic food, but still very good. All of the waiters are from Mexico, just like my Javibear, so he always orders for us in Spanish, and he has become buddies with Pollo, who always waits on us. It's a great atmosphere, doesn't break the bank, and the food is delicious. Here are a few pictures from our night :)
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Heels: Steve Madden,  Bracelets (my only pieces of gold jewelry): Khols
Cami, Sweater, Jeans & Bracelets: Khols, Shirt: Target, Wristlet: Coach
Don't mind all of the scratches on my hands and arms; I have Mr. President to thank

Very tough decision deciding what to order

Strongest margarita on the planet; hit me like a train... it's called the "Top Shelf"
The remnants of our Queso Fundido that was so delicious, it was eaten before I could even get a picture
Javi's veggie quesadilla
End of the night; the boys playing their video games
I'll never understand 

I would also like to share this song. 
Its a dubstep remix of Sunday Girl's "Four Floors" 
and I am loving it  
Credit to Andre

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