Monday, November 28, 2011

City Excursion

I already miss this place
    Last week I took Javier home to Cincinnati and stayed a few days to visit. It was a nice little retreat, especially after how insane my life was the week before (I needed it). Just a bit of background - I moved to Cincinnati over this past summer to babysit for my cousin, live a bit closer to Javier, and have some different scenery living in a new place. I loved it, I miss it all the time. There is always something to do and I just love the atmosphere of the city. I love being in the country, but there is a special place in my heart for the rush of the city. Unfortunately, while I was in Cincinnati, I did not have my camera and so this time around when I went back I tried to take pictures of the places I was commonly found over the summer :) Enjoy - more to come, I took about 500 pictures over the two days... not a joke (crazy camera lady right over here)

The kidden, Mr. President, chilling with his hero, Brandy
The old church turned Urban Outfitters in Clifton
Driving with my multi colored nails: Essie- Power Clutch, OPI - I Brake for Manicures, OPI - San-Tan-Tonio, OPI - Mermaid's Tears, Essie - Bahama Mama, Pure Ice - Beware
My cousin Matt (I call him Matty), whom we visited in downtown,
cringing at the realization his picture was taken

The house to the right is my cousin's house that I lived in over the summer :) It was awesome to sit on the porch and see the views, and to sit on the rooftop was amazing


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