Friday, October 21, 2011

Kitty Pool

      Tonight was time for the kittens weekly bath. We are trying to get him used to the water now when he's small and manageable, rather than later when he can claw us to death. He's been doing really great with it! A few meows, but if the water is shallow he will walk around in it and act fine. But this is when you see what he really is - a little rat. He should just be considered a rat until he gets any bigger, because when he's wet, he looks like one. Except for his nub. He was a rescue kitty and it is unsure of whether or not his lack of a tail was a birth defect, manyx trait, or an injury. But I think it just gives him more character :) I love my kidden :)

Javi getting the Pres ready for his bath!

Gabe posing for Javi

Rat a.k.a kidden

major rat with a nub
     And not only that but I decided to try something new last night. First attempt so it isn't perfect, but I did my own little twist on a look inspired by Emily, who's blog Cupcakes and Cashmere is amazing! You can see her version here.

   Its incredibly simple to get this look :) All you need is a base coat, 1-2 coats of your "background" nail color, and the Sally Hansen nail art pen in your desired color. You can do just about any design. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to run out and get glitter, as Emily uses in her variation, which I love, but I improvised with a silver nail art pen and did Javi's initials.

   As you can see I definitely need my practice - the pen is a little bit difficult to get even, there may possibly be a better brand of nail pen out there. But it was fun to try and I think it still looks cute :) Also, I should really invest in a nail polish remover pen to help correct any polish that gets on your fingers! Great idea! Does anyone have a favorite nail polish color? What is something fun you like to do with your nails?

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