Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Morph Things

    So Javi, Gabe (Javi's roommate) and I have been playing with Morph Thing for the last 45 minutes. Has anyone ever used it before? Its quite fun if you're bored. You can upload your own images and you morph them together! We are lame but we've been making babies and morphing each other's faces together, we have even included Mr. President, and its hilarious.

Mr. President morphed with Obama
Javier and I morphed together

Javier and Gabe

Gabe and Mr. President

Javier and Mr. President

Me and Mr. President

Me and Javier's "son"
Me and Javier's other "son"

Me and Javier's "daughter"

Javier and Gabe's "son"
Javier and Gabe's "daughter"
yeah. we're awesome.

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