Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday F.u.n.d.a.y; F stands for FOOTBALL

   It's a Steelers game day! I am sitting here inside (kind of wish I was outside, but I'm being a bum today) watching the Steelers game with Javi... he is sitting next to me, screaming and telling the players what they should be doing. That is such a guy thing... All of my family members talk to the team and coach from the couch to the TV... I think its funny. It's kind of cute; somebody's got some spirit.
   And I have become quite the Steelers fan, as much of a fan as I can be... I've never been big on watching sports on the TV, there's just nothing compared to being there, but Javi is such a serious fan, his spirit was infectious and I have to say I am definitely more passionate about the Steelers now than I ever have been about any pro-team. The only other team I care about is the Hoban Knights!
   Unfortunately, I don't have a camera this week :( Don't know when I will be able to use it again... so I am very sad :( I was just about to go take a picture of the Steelers jersey I bought Javi for his birthday, and then I remembered, and it crushed my heart. :( I have to pay my parents half of what they bought the camera for; they bought it because of me, but technically it's theirs. I could use it whenever when I lived at home, but now I live 35 minutes away so we have to do trade offs. I'm only $400 away from owning an $800 camera... but when you're hungry and want to do things with your friends and buy clothes because your wardrobe is seriously lacking, it's hard to come up with $400... especially when you're going to school and hardly working... actually right now, not even working! I have an interview this Friday though! Hopefully I will get the job! :)

Back to the Steelers -

   My favorite player is Polamalu... who doesn't like Polamalu? Even people who hate the Steelers have to admit Polamalu is a beast... plus, look at that hair; so luscious. I could take a few hair tips from this guy, I've been trying to grow my hair out forever and its a hot mess (you can see I am very football oriented). So because I am such a girl, and my new found love for the Steelers is blossoming, I am dying to get some of the Victoria's Secret Pink NFL line.


Everything is so cute, I want to get every single thing, even the panties. 

Just a side note, Javier just majorly gooned out about the Steelers scoring a touchdown... I have not once ever heard him yell when he is angry or upset, but he just screamed louder than I've ever heard. That's


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