Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's All About the Hair

   For over a year I worked at an awesome hair salon, VCS Salon and Spa in Medina, Ohio. The job was so fun and it was fast paced most of the time so it wasn't boring, I got to meet a lot of awesome people, Robin Swoboda came in with her family and I got to personally serve her drinks (closest I've ever been to any sort of celebrity haha) and I had great perks. I got my hair cut for free, I could use professional color and get my hair colored for about the same price as buying box color from Walmart, and I got a great discount on awesome hair products. My hair misses the great products, but not so much the crazy amount of dying I did to my hair! (eek) So now I am paying for it. My hair has been:


 Dark Red

 Black-ish Brown

Black with Pink

Blonde highlights

  Fire-engine Red

   What's sad is around the time of the blonde highlights, the health of my hair really started to go downhill. My hair used to be really long...

  and then I chopped it off the summer before I left for college :(

  So pretty much ever since I chopped it, I've wanted to grow it out and it is taking FOREVER because I damaged it so much coloring it :( waaahhh But I've been going crazy baby-ing my hair, which means no more coloring it. Therefore, I have horrendous roots and drastically fading color. I've been taking vitamins that help my hair grow more quickly and stronger, and my hair seems to be growing, its just breakage that is slowing my roll.
   And so, there have been a few products that I just couldn't live without; they are really helping with the management of my hair.
Frizz-ease Finishing Creme, $5.99 (perfect for the fly away hairs, especially after flat ironing)
Kerastase, $60.00 (amazing deep conditioning treatment)
Philip Pelusi RefresHair, $29.95 (dry shine spray that removes dirt and oil, also used as a heat protecting spray when flat-ironing)
Nexxus Pro-Mend Leave-In Treatment, $9.99 (I use it instead of mousse or gel when I let my hair air dry and curl, keeps hairs binded together to reduce the look of split ends)
   Does anyone else have a difficult time getting their hair to grow longer? Hopefully I will be making some progress, my hair looks like a hot mess without these products thats for sure. Any other products you guys think are great and you can't live without?

Also, everyone check out my friend Hilary's blog, The Young and Naive, its awesome and she has the greatest fashion sense, great pictures and delicious recipes! She is trying to reach 100 followers and she is only 7 away! Check it out!

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