Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is it Christmas yet?

My Fall wish list:

1) Striped Sweater

I can't decide between both of them,
so I may eventually buy both colors.
From Forever 21 for a steal of $12.50

2) Leather Bomber Jacket

Urban Outfitters
$99 $69
on its way to meee :)

3) The A&F Jegging

From Abercrombie and Fitch
Again, I think I want both colors
$68 $54.40
4) Booties
The more I've looked at these, the more I like them
Merlin Wedge Bootie, DSW
$89.95, compare to $110

5)Party Outfit

Express $39.90

6) Scarf
Urban Outfitters $29

7) Sweater Dress
Victoria's Secret $69.50
8) Boots
Minnetonka $90
(I want these and some riding boots but I haven't found the right ones yet)
9) Bag
MICHAEL by Michael Kors
I will never have this bag but I still love it
This one is actually realistic and its cute, right?!
Red by Marc Ecko
10) Thermal
Volcom Thermal
11) Basic Tee
Urban Outfitters Boyfriend Tee
I want this in white and grey too!

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