Monday, October 3, 2011

   I have a very strange love for tattoos. I'm very particular... there is a fine line for me between a trashy looking tattoo and a beautiful work of art. I have two tattoos, that I will post pictures of when I get my camera back, and I would like to think that the tattoos themselves and their placement qualifies them as classy tattoos. The last few months I have been obsessive about trying to come up with another awesome tattoo idea. But there is nothing in particular that I really want; when I got my other ones I knew they were exactly what I wanted and I knew exactly where I wanted them. This time I have no idea, and I'm not trying to rush into getting something that will be on my body forever. I have all sorts of wild ideas, but honestly, I'm too chicken to get a tattoo that is too visible. No one would ever see my other tattoos unless I am in a bathing suit. I love wrist tattoos, and I'm thinking about maybe something on the right side of my back up a bit higher, but honestly... I don't want any of my tattoos to be visible if I ever get married. Weird I know, but I don't want anyone to be staring at my tattoos when I'm walking down the aisle- if that ever happens. All I know is there is so much thought that should be put into getting a tattoo. Where it will be placed, the design; and when you start getting old, fat and wrinkled - is your tattoo in a spot that is going to warp and be visible? I would rather seriously over-think getting another tatt than rush into getting one and wishing I hadn't later. But until that time comes, I can always keep looking for inspiration. Here are some cool tattoo pics that I like; I stole them from Fuckyeahtattoo

And how could I not post a picture of my kitten who fell asleep on me when I was browsing through these pics?


  1. I want a tattoo (or multiple) so badly but they are so permanent and I am so indecisive. It's a bad combo.

  2. i love mine (good thing) but its really hard to make a decision when youre making the decision forever!!


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