Monday, October 17, 2011

Camp Wannawatchamovie

       Javi and I are crazy about renting and watching movies... its so cheap and we get to see so many movies, both good and bad. Worst movie we have ever seen:

     We saw Bradley Cooper, assumed it was new and possibly decent, PLUS the lead female role was played by a Colleen, how could it be bad?! But it was... the budget was probably $100 and the acting, especially by Colleen, was horrid. It reminded me of one of those super cheap instructional videos they show you in highschool. So just a warning... don't watch this one unless you want to see the (possibly) worst movie ever made... sorry Bradley.
     To name the best movie we've ever seen would be impossible... we have seen a lot of good movies. We are going to rent a movie tonight, The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

Let's hope its a good one! Does anyone know of any movies that are really good? We are always looking for new ones! To close this blog post, here is a song that I found over the summer that I absolutely love. Its called Cinema, very fitting for this post.

We watched The Tourist and it was great! Amazing ending... can I just say I love Johnny Depp? And someone needs to take me to Venice... right meow.

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