Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn, the Year's Last, Loveliest Smile

   So as written before Javi and I went to cinci this past weekend. We went out to dinner and relaxed at home and just had a very enjoyable weekend. We also celebrated our one year anniversary over the weekend, which was actually yesterday, the 26th. It has been a great year, and I'm so lucky and so happy to have spent it with Javier, he is the greatest :)
     So here are a few shots that I took over the weekend of the Cordero casa, some halloween scenes, and of course the kidden.

My sleeping Javi

I love these Ikea lights - Cordero Casa

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Down South

    Javi and I went down south this weekend, meaning Cincinnati, and we stayed at his parent's house with Mr. President! :) It was such a nice few days just to get away and it was about 10 degrees warmer than Kent, so that was nice... major difference I know, but it was nice to be in a bit of warmer, sunnier place. One night we felt in the mood for some comfort food, and we found some potatoes and decided to wing it and whip together some mashed potatoes. As I've written before, here, about Javi's cooking - he can just throw things together and never measure a thing and it comes out tasting delicious, where I am more exact. So as he threw things together, I tried to guestimate or remember how much of each ingredient he used and I wrote it down so here it is. The potatoes turned out delicious, as usual.

Home-Made Mashed Potatoes 
5-6 large peeled potatoes
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup milk
2 tbs butter
salt, pepper and natures seasons to taste
To throw them together...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jewelry Spree

    Unfortunately its starting to get cold. This is the fall weather I don't like around here! Its bitter, and I finally decided to get the moccasins I've been wanting - they are so so warm and pretty cute if I do say so myself. I also have not bought myself any sort of jewelry for a really long time, and decided that now was the time to treat myself. So here are a few shots of what I picked up today :)

P.S. Don't mind all the scratches on my hands - no, I wasn't playing in thorn bushes, my kitten thinks my hand is a toy and something to attack at 6am.

Kitty Pool

      Tonight was time for the kittens weekly bath. We are trying to get him used to the water now when he's small and manageable, rather than later when he can claw us to death. He's been doing really great with it! A few meows, but if the water is shallow he will walk around in it and act fine. But this is when you see what he really is - a little rat. He should just be considered a rat until he gets any bigger, because when he's wet, he looks like one. Except for his nub. He was a rescue kitty and it is unsure of whether or not his lack of a tail was a birth defect, manyx trait, or an injury. But I think it just gives him more character :) I love my kidden :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


    I am so excited, I've added so much to improve the visual appeal of my blog. I have class in 5 hours.... its 3:41 am... I am going to want to die tomorrow. So please take the time to look around, definitely check out the navigation bar! :) I'm going to sleep now... and this doesn't count as a real post. Just a little note :)

Gute Nacht 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Camp Wannawatchamovie

       Javi and I are crazy about renting and watching movies... its so cheap and we get to see so many movies, both good and bad. Worst movie we have ever seen:

Saturday, October 15, 2011


   Yesterday Javi and I made the journey back home to visit my parents. My brother, Javi and I took a walk while they tossed the football and I walked on the sidelines and snapped a few pictures, fun for me! We had a lovely dinner with them and played a hilarious game of Apples to Apples and then we proceeded to go to one of my favorite restaurants, Casa del Rio, to get drinks and meet up with some friends. Later, we went to a haunted house, and we all had a blast. It was a perfect fall day, other than the pouring, freezing rain that rained out Apple Cabin, the original haunted woods we were planning on going... BUT it was still a great time :) 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Club Library

   I should've been doing homework. But I was blogging... and I snapped a few pictures of my attempted study seshh with Olivia... check out my new photography button - view a collection of my pictures... I didn't do this instead of studying... no definitely not...

that is all...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just Kidden Around

   How can I not post more pictures of my kitten... he is just too cute. So here are a few pictures for today, and scroll down to my big blog entry for today! All about hair! Woohoo!

   So here is my adorable, spoiled kitten.

It's All About the Hair

   For over a year I worked at an awesome hair salon, VCS Salon and Spa in Medina, Ohio. The job was so fun and it was fast paced most of the time so it wasn't boring, I got to meet a lot of awesome people, Robin Swoboda came in with her family and I got to personally serve her drinks (closest I've ever been to any sort of celebrity haha) and I had great perks. I got my hair cut for free, I could use professional color and get my hair colored for about the same price as buying box color from Walmart, and I got a great discount on awesome hair products. My hair misses the great products, but not so much the crazy amount of dying I did to my hair! (eek) So now I am paying for it. My hair has been:


Monday, October 10, 2011

Goin Home

   So today Javi and I made the journey across the country to good 'ol Wadsworth for a big family dinner. A few of my aunts and uncles came and it was a good time. I got to enjoy one of my favorite beers, Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, and sit out on our wonderful patio.

Then the worst happened.
How mischievous is this look? She's got sass

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Morph Things

    So Javi, Gabe (Javi's roommate) and I have been playing with Morph Thing for the last 45 minutes. Has anyone ever used it before? Its quite fun if you're bored. You can upload your own images and you morph them together! We are lame but we've been making babies and morphing each other's faces together, we have even included Mr. President, and its hilarious.

Mr. President morphed with Obama

Monday, October 3, 2011

   I have a very strange love for tattoos. I'm very particular... there is a fine line for me between a trashy looking tattoo and a beautiful work of art. I have two tattoos, that I will post pictures of when I get my camera back, and I would like to think that the tattoos themselves and their placement qualifies them as classy tattoos. The last few months I have been obsessive about trying to come up with another awesome tattoo idea. But there is nothing in particular that I really want; when I got my other ones I knew they were exactly what I wanted and I knew exactly where I wanted them. This time I have no idea, and I'm not trying to rush into getting something that will be on my body forever. I have all sorts of wild ideas, but honestly, I'm too chicken to get a tattoo that is too visible. No one would ever see my other tattoos unless I am in a bathing suit. I love wrist tattoos, and I'm thinking about maybe something on the right side of my back up a bit higher, but honestly... I don't want any of my tattoos to be visible if I ever get married. Weird I know, but I don't want anyone to be staring at my tattoos when I'm walking down the aisle- if that ever happens. All I know is there is so much thought that should be put into getting a tattoo. Where it will be placed, the design; and when you start getting old, fat and wrinkled - is your tattoo in a spot that is going to warp and be visible? I would rather seriously over-think getting another tatt than rush into getting one and wishing I hadn't later. But until that time comes, I can always keep looking for inspiration. Here are some cool tattoo pics that I like; I stole them from Fuckyeahtattoo

And how could I not post a picture of my kitten who fell asleep on me when I was browsing through these pics?

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Is it Christmas yet?

My Fall wish list:

1) Striped Sweater

I can't decide between both of them,
so I may eventually buy both colors.
From Forever 21 for a steal of $12.50

2) Leather Bomber Jacket

Urban Outfitters
$99 $69
on its way to meee :)

3) The A&F Jegging

From Abercrombie and Fitch
Again, I think I want both colors
$68 $54.40
4) Booties
The more I've looked at these, the more I like them
Merlin Wedge Bootie, DSW
$89.95, compare to $110

5)Party Outfit

Express $39.90

6) Scarf
Urban Outfitters $29

7) Sweater Dress
Victoria's Secret $69.50
8) Boots
Minnetonka $90
(I want these and some riding boots but I haven't found the right ones yet)
9) Bag
MICHAEL by Michael Kors
I will never have this bag but I still love it
This one is actually realistic and its cute, right?!
Red by Marc Ecko
10) Thermal
Volcom Thermal
11) Basic Tee
Urban Outfitters Boyfriend Tee
I want this in white and grey too!

Sunday F.u.n.d.a.y; F stands for FOOTBALL

   It's a Steelers game day! I am sitting here inside (kind of wish I was outside, but I'm being a bum today) watching the Steelers game with Javi... he is sitting next to me, screaming and telling the players what they should be doing. That is such a guy thing... All of my family members talk to the team and coach from the couch to the TV... I think its funny. It's kind of cute; somebody's got some spirit.
   And I have become quite the Steelers fan, as much of a fan as I can be... I've never been big on watching sports on the TV, there's just nothing compared to being there, but Javi is such a serious fan, his spirit was infectious and I have to say I am definitely more passionate about the Steelers now than I ever have been about any pro-team. The only other team I care about is the Hoban Knights!
   Unfortunately, I don't have a camera this week :( Don't know when I will be able to use it again... so I am very sad :( I was just about to go take a picture of the Steelers jersey I bought Javi for his birthday, and then I remembered, and it crushed my heart. :( I have to pay my parents half of what they bought the camera for; they bought it because of me, but technically it's theirs. I could use it whenever when I lived at home, but now I live 35 minutes away so we have to do trade offs. I'm only $400 away from owning an $800 camera... but when you're hungry and want to do things with your friends and buy clothes because your wardrobe is seriously lacking, it's hard to come up with $400... especially when you're going to school and hardly working... actually right now, not even working! I have an interview this Friday though! Hopefully I will get the job! :)

Back to the Steelers -

   My favorite player is Polamalu... who doesn't like Polamalu? Even people who hate the Steelers have to admit Polamalu is a beast... plus, look at that hair; so luscious. I could take a few hair tips from this guy, I've been trying to grow my hair out forever and its a hot mess (you can see I am very football oriented). So because I am such a girl, and my new found love for the Steelers is blossoming, I am dying to get some of the Victoria's Secret Pink NFL line.


Everything is so cute, I want to get every single thing, even the panties. 

Just a side note, Javier just majorly gooned out about the Steelers scoring a touchdown... I have not once ever heard him yell when he is angry or upset, but he just screamed louder than I've ever heard. That's


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vogue + Meowing Kitten

   The other week I did a mini-photoshoot with my good friend Olivia :) we had fun... we laugh a lot at insanely random things. We got really intense with our makeup and had a lot of fun with it, it was nice to have one of those days. Both of us have been so busy; we used to do this sort of thing all the time and now we don't have much time to. So I'm glad we got to have a photo night and even though I, unfortunately, didn't have my camera, she got some great shots :) these are all taken by Olivia Gutbrod who has an awesome thrifting blog, check it out right here! :)

Dress: Olivia's (either from a thrift store or Norway), tights from Target

This year's fall nail trend: NUDE

     I've been looking all over the place trying to find the right color of nude nail polish... I found one that is the closest to what I want... its called Coney Island Cotton Candy and its a little lighter than what I am looking for but it is still cute! Either way, the nude nail is definitely a simple classy look that's really in right now, and it goes great with all of the fall colors I'm starting to wear. I'm definitely going to continue my search thought to find just the right shade.

And just for good measure lets throw in a picture of my kidden... mid meow. Mr. President is the cutest president to ever be in office :)