Monday, September 26, 2011

Behold the changing leaves, and enjoy the crisp breeze


   Which means it's time to start bundling up, putting away all of my cute summer clothes (like I have a lot of cute clothes... right) and bringing the warm clothes back into the wardrobe. For the first time in forever I am actually going to have a decent amount of money to spend on clothes so I'm excited to build up my wardrobe bit by bit. I put together a collage of the clothes I think make my perfect fall outfit. I have the jeans, all I need is everything else... and some shoes (I am challenged in the shoe department).

Mi Gato

    Well, over the summer I had this crazy idea to get a kitten. I was obsessed for a little while and did a bunch of research to decide whether or not getting a kitten was an option for me. Well I finally got an apartment and on the lease it said
(what kind of person came up with these rules?!)
    So I thought getting a kitten was a no go... BUT it turns out Javi is allowed to have cats in his apartment (muahahaha) so being the great boyfriend that he is, we talked to his roommate gabe and we all decided to get a kitten :) so about three weeks ago we went to Hutch's pet store in Kent. Its a dinky looking place but the woman who helped us was very friendly and gave us great advice as we are first time kitten owners. My favorite part is that all of their kittens are rescued. When we looked at the first cage of kittens all of them were sitting at the bottom meowing except for a little orange guy who was climbing up the cage like a little gymnast. We knew he was our guy when we picked him up and he cuddled with us and started purring immediately (he still loves to cuddle). So here is our little man :)