Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding Bells

were ringing this past weekend when my little cousin got married!!!! I think I probably cried at least 15  times throughout the night, the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was huge and sooo fun. I took over 300 pictures throughout the day and obviously I am not going to post that many, so here are just a few shots of the happy couple and the wedding festivities :)

I have the best man in the world... I love him :) look how happy we are :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mi Nombre Es Dick Harporrrr

    Unfortunately I haven't had my camera for a little while because I've been driving back and forth to Cincinnati trying to get a job, but I finally got to take a little time to enjoy some photo shooting. And the BEST part is today I finally got to see my friend Olivia, who I haven't seen in about 500 years (I am so old..). Anyways, she is a very good photographer and she is SOOO good with photographing people. Most of the time I can't really take pictures of people unless I creep around town like a paparazzi taking pictures of strangers, but when I get to hang out with her we always take awesome pictures :)

So here are some of the shots that I got today of my pretty friend :)

ANNNND if there is anyone that actually reads this thing you should listen to this song because its awesome