Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain, Rain.. GO AWAY!

     It should be a nice summer afternoon including, but not limited to, chilling outside BUT the ever so fickle weather of Ohio has foiled my plans. SO. I'm doing indoor things today. Lucky for me I got to go out and about a bit before things got nasty, and I went to my old workplace to catch up with one of my bestest and favorite coworkers while I was working at good ol' Alexandri's.

And now it is time for my favorite part of blogging

     This picture here, of this car freshener hanging from the rearview mirror, actually has a pretty cool story behind it... not the car freshener actually... but the angel hanging right over it. The heart says "Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly." My old work buddy Sarah bought this trinket from our boss' little boy who was selling it for some school function, and I believe she said it was 2 weeks after buying this that she got in a car accident. It was a bad one. Her car flipped off the road, consequently getting completely totaled. Sarah walked out with hardly a scratch. After seeing pictures of her car (which I don't have unfortunately) it's amazing she even survived, let alone got out without any major injuries at all. She told me today that the first thing she went to get out of her car when they were cleaning up her wreck was this little angel trinket. She said she felt like her guardian angel was with her and protected her during her accident. I thought that was kind of cool. Considering the circumstances of her crash, it really is a miracle she is completely fine.

     I did get to run outside though, after it rained a little and I though this was so pretty... The sun was shining, the water was still stuck to the petals and the colors are brilliant. I love taking pictures of pretty flowers. Honestly, I just adore flowers; I like getting flowers, I like looking at flowers... taking pictures of flowers, and I like them all over my clothes. Just an FYI.
     Now I just get to take it easy reading my book that I picked up today. Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea is just such an epic title for a book I felt like I had to read it. Plus, I like Chelsea Handler, her humor is hysterical sometimes. I have read her book "My Horizontal Life" and it was interesting... funny for sure. She is such a slut, I'm just saying it now. But I think thats what makes it so entertaining... because its funny to read about this crazy woman and her sexcapades. So I'm going to read this book of hers too. I can slightly identify with her love of alcohol... I mean... who doesn't like to get their drink on every once in a while. So hopefully its a good, entertaining read... we shall see!

     And while I started reading my book, my dogs came to chill with me. I love them. This first one here is Keira. She is the love child of Jav and I. I think she looks more like him... with the hair... anyone else see the resemblance? (teehee) But, on the real, she is like my baby. I love this dog more than I love most people, and how could you not love her? Please look at that face... that sweet, sassy little face. She's too cute for her own good. AND on top of this overwhelming cuteness, she cuddles better than a Care Bear. I'm not even going to get into that though, that is just a whole other blog post in itself.

     And then this one... this is Lady. Lady the dog of constant sorrow and neuroticism. If you looked at these pictures, would you not assume this was one of those dogs on a rescue commercial who has been starved and beaten and neglected? I would. But in reality, Lady lives the life. I would love Lady's life to be honest. She has it MADE except for one thing. I think the dog literally has anxiety problems. Look at her face. She is so distressed... why? Because she is one of the most spoiled dogs on the planet? She is an attention whore. Sweetest dog ever. She will love love love until she can not love any more. That is one of the best things about dogs. They are so loving and loyal, and they never hold grudges. They are just always there to love you, always, no matter what. Lady here LOVES to be loved... and she will make a fool out of herself, like a whore, to get any love she can from anyone. At least we know she's not a racist. You've gotta love this sweet little basket-case though. Look at her face... thats how she traps you. You can't deny that face LOVE.

And just a PS. Kittens need love, not munch


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