Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Embarrassing

how many posts I am going to post today. However, the novelty of my blog and my overwhelming boredom are winning here, so I guess I will just have to be embarrassed. So the other day I went on a little

shooting spree

no! no! I didn't shoot anybody! I just shot some photos (lame joke, I know). And one of the pictures has a lot of meaning for me. This first picture here I would like to dedicate to my trooper of a boyfriend, Javier.

Now that you've seen this picture...
So about 5 weeks ago, Jav Dawg and I took my dogs to the park in my neighborhood. We coaxed my little puppy Keira up onto the playground and we were trying to get her to run around on it; she is literally afraid of everything. Well, unfortunately Jav ran down this slide. Yep. This one pictured right here, riiiight above this paragraph. When he ran down this so called "children's slide" a.k.a. "deathtrap" his foot slipped causing him to fall and when he fell he twisted his leg, breaking his fibula diagonally up his leg and tearing the tendons in his ankle. Twas a sad day. :( I feel like after knowing the story behind this "slide"... *coughdeathtrapcough* ... you look at it a little differently. Jav is doing well though! His leg doesn't hurt so much anymore and he is becoming a master of the crutches. He was even invited to compete in the X-Ray Games!!!

The rest of these pictures don't have any stories behind them at all. I just felt like taking some pictures and these are what I got. So curse that slide and look at some of these nice, sort of happy pictures.

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  1. We are blog friends!!!! YAYAYAY! I am so excited! And I think that you, Jav, Richie and I should hang out. Jav and I can be the gimps and you and Richie can mock us!


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