Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tear Jerker


      The weather tonight was horriiiiiible so I stayed in and watched this movie "Never Let Me Go." SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! Obviously I'm not going to write a lot about it and spoil the movie, but its has Carrey Mulligan as the main actress, and Keira Knightley is in it too. It isn't the type of movie that I would've expected from the title... if you feel like balling your eyes out, this one is for you. The whole movie has a crazy concept and the filmography is really cool... I highly recommend the movie if you don't mind watching something very very sad. Great acting and it really evokes a lot of emotion (at least it sure did for me)... it is a little slow at first because you are kind of trying to figure out what this movie is even about but once you do, it really grips you. Just thought I would share... but DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE UNLESS YOU WANT TO CRY!

Rain, Rain.. GO AWAY!

     It should be a nice summer afternoon including, but not limited to, chilling outside BUT the ever so fickle weather of Ohio has foiled my plans. SO. I'm doing indoor things today. Lucky for me I got to go out and about a bit before things got nasty, and I went to my old workplace to catch up with one of my bestest and favorite coworkers while I was working at good ol' Alexandri's.

And now it is time for my favorite part of blogging

     This picture here, of this car freshener hanging from the rearview mirror, actually has a pretty cool story behind it... not the car freshener actually... but the angel hanging right over it. The heart says "Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly." My old work buddy Sarah bought this trinket from our boss' little boy who was selling it for some school function, and I believe she said it was 2 weeks after buying this that she got in a car accident. It was a bad one. Her car flipped off the road, consequently getting completely totaled. Sarah walked out with hardly a scratch. After seeing pictures of her car (which I don't have unfortunately) it's amazing she even survived, let alone got out without any major injuries at all. She told me today that the first thing she went to get out of her car when they were cleaning up her wreck was this little angel trinket. She said she felt like her guardian angel was with her and protected her during her accident. I thought that was kind of cool. Considering the circumstances of her crash, it really is a miracle she is completely fine.

     I did get to run outside though, after it rained a little and I though this was so pretty... The sun was shining, the water was still stuck to the petals and the colors are brilliant. I love taking pictures of pretty flowers. Honestly, I just adore flowers; I like getting flowers, I like looking at flowers... taking pictures of flowers, and I like them all over my clothes. Just an FYI.
     Now I just get to take it easy reading my book that I picked up today. Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea is just such an epic title for a book I felt like I had to read it. Plus, I like Chelsea Handler, her humor is hysterical sometimes. I have read her book "My Horizontal Life" and it was interesting... funny for sure. She is such a slut, I'm just saying it now. But I think thats what makes it so entertaining... because its funny to read about this crazy woman and her sexcapades. So I'm going to read this book of hers too. I can slightly identify with her love of alcohol... I mean... who doesn't like to get their drink on every once in a while. So hopefully its a good, entertaining read... we shall see!

     And while I started reading my book, my dogs came to chill with me. I love them. This first one here is Keira. She is the love child of Jav and I. I think she looks more like him... with the hair... anyone else see the resemblance? (teehee) But, on the real, she is like my baby. I love this dog more than I love most people, and how could you not love her? Please look at that face... that sweet, sassy little face. She's too cute for her own good. AND on top of this overwhelming cuteness, she cuddles better than a Care Bear. I'm not even going to get into that though, that is just a whole other blog post in itself.

     And then this one... this is Lady. Lady the dog of constant sorrow and neuroticism. If you looked at these pictures, would you not assume this was one of those dogs on a rescue commercial who has been starved and beaten and neglected? I would. But in reality, Lady lives the life. I would love Lady's life to be honest. She has it MADE except for one thing. I think the dog literally has anxiety problems. Look at her face. She is so distressed... why? Because she is one of the most spoiled dogs on the planet? She is an attention whore. Sweetest dog ever. She will love love love until she can not love any more. That is one of the best things about dogs. They are so loving and loyal, and they never hold grudges. They are just always there to love you, always, no matter what. Lady here LOVES to be loved... and she will make a fool out of herself, like a whore, to get any love she can from anyone. At least we know she's not a racist. You've gotta love this sweet little basket-case though. Look at her face... thats how she traps you. You can't deny that face LOVE.

And just a PS. Kittens need love, not munch


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


is, unfortunately for my scale, one of my few passions. My boyfriend, Jav, turned me on, so to speak, to cooking. He is an awesome cook who can just throw things together without a given recipe or without measuring anything and have it turn out heavenly. How genius. Cooking with him is so fun and we always make great munch for each other.
can be a problem... because I might like to eat too much. Side note: I have a very difficult time discerning hunger from boredom... am I the only person with this problem? Anyways, I've started cooking things for myself to try to broaden my recipe repertoire. Because of this, Jav's teachings and my love of munching, I've taken some pitchers (yes, I said pitchers) of some munch that I've eaten, munch that Jav and/or his family have cooked, and munch that I have made.  

Keyword here: MUNCH

On cruises the reputation is that the food is exceptional... and oh my lanta it was. There were just endless amounts of delicious food. Every night we had a formal dinner where we had 3 course meals. Every single dish was delicious, and the food not only tasted great, but it looked great too. Check it outtt :)

My Salad

 Lobster Tail and Shrimp 
 Our Starbucks trip was in the airport on the way back from the cruise, but Starbucks offers very delicious drinks (there's an endorsement for you), they are rather highly priced, but we just couldn't resist. And I just like how this picture turned out. :)

Diversity is very important when it comes to your munching. Eating the same thing all the time would get so boring, right?! So I try all kinds of foods. One of my absolute favorites is sushi. The picture below is actually of a maki roll. The Japanese actually call the rolled up sushi "maki rolls," and what they call sushi is what we call sashimi, which is just raw slices of fish on top of rice... sounds gross but it's actually delicious!

Philadelphia Roll

This is the meal that Lisa and I made for our Christmas dinner... a cornish game hen seasoned with lemon, rosemary, salt and pepper with mashed potatoes and green beans... it was SO good... we have a very stupid inside joke about cornish game hens, which we discovered on our cruise, that no one else would think is funny, but we find it absolutely hilarious. So of course, for our dinner, we just had to make the game hen. Game hens: hilarious... yet satisfying. (lets see who gets that one)

These pictures have all been taken at the Cordero household. Jav and his parents have graciously cooked WONDERFULLY AMAZING traditional Mexican food for me on so many occasions... and let me tell you... so good. I love that Jav and his family have exposed me to foods I had never really paid much attention to before. For example, my Javanero loves his avacado. I had never really liked it that much till he made me a cheese and avacado quesadilla the first time I was over at his house. Now I am hooked on it too and we always make little avacado and cheese filled tortillas :) Oquei, enough talking. Just drool over these pictures :)

 Avacado and Cheese Quesadilla with Habanero Hot Sauce

Omelette with tomato, onion and peppers and cheese. Avacado, bacon and a corn tortilla on the side :)

Tostada: Hard Tortilla, refried beans, shredded chicken, queso fresco, lettuce, sour cream, avacado, habanero sauce and Mrs. Cordero's homemade salsa :)

It's Embarrassing

how many posts I am going to post today. However, the novelty of my blog and my overwhelming boredom are winning here, so I guess I will just have to be embarrassed. So the other day I went on a little

shooting spree

no! no! I didn't shoot anybody! I just shot some photos (lame joke, I know). And one of the pictures has a lot of meaning for me. This first picture here I would like to dedicate to my trooper of a boyfriend, Javier.

Now that you've seen this picture...
So about 5 weeks ago, Jav Dawg and I took my dogs to the park in my neighborhood. We coaxed my little puppy Keira up onto the playground and we were trying to get her to run around on it; she is literally afraid of everything. Well, unfortunately Jav ran down this slide. Yep. This one pictured right here, riiiight above this paragraph. When he ran down this so called "children's slide" a.k.a. "deathtrap" his foot slipped causing him to fall and when he fell he twisted his leg, breaking his fibula diagonally up his leg and tearing the tendons in his ankle. Twas a sad day. :( I feel like after knowing the story behind this "slide"... *coughdeathtrapcough* ... you look at it a little differently. Jav is doing well though! His leg doesn't hurt so much anymore and he is becoming a master of the crutches. He was even invited to compete in the X-Ray Games!!!

The rest of these pictures don't have any stories behind them at all. I just felt like taking some pictures and these are what I got. So curse that slide and look at some of these nice, sort of happy pictures.


is the word that best describes my feelings about summer. School has been such a drag and it's nice to finally have some free time to do what I want with no interference by my oh so precious education. (I swear it's not that I want to be uneducated, I am just so sick of school... O Chem specifically.)

Summer nights
are probably the best nights you will have all year. There is nothing like sitting out on a warm summer night with your best friend, listening to your own summer playlist, sipping on an ice cold beer, indulging in some chips and salsa, all while cracking up because you and your friend are hilarious and you just so happen to have a buzz. 

Ohhh the shrubbery!


to starting over.

So, I had another photo blog but it was boring. Not only that, but everything in my life is so different now in just about every aspect so I thought, why not make another blog? I want to keep posting my pictures, because that is what I love, but there needs to be some more substance. And, for now, I have no life so why not spend some time creating a blog thats going to be entertaining, to me at least.